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Entrance Exams Coaching Institute Of JNU for Computer Science and IT

Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of the best Institutes for teaching and research in the country conducts entrance tests for admission to various postgraduate courses of the varsity. (The syllabus consists of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences) Mathematics: Vectors- Trignometry- Differentiation & Integration- Matrices, Differential & Integral Calculus, Algebra & Trigonometry, Differential Equation, Co-Ordinate Geometry ( 2D & 3D), Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory, Complex Analysis & L.P.P, Probability and Statistics, Logical Reasoning Information Sciences: Introduction to www. Networking: Basics-modem-hub-switch-commands to transfer files remote login. Elements of languages used on the Internet JAVA- Perl. Elements of Databases- Relational database. Computer Application: Basics of computers-hardware-components of a computer. Operating systems- Windows Linux- simple commands. Elementary Boolean arithmetic- subtraction- addition- multiplication. Applications- Word processing- spreadsheets. Elementary basic programming commands and syntax. ; Data Structure, Theory of computation, Digital system design & Architecture, Database, Software Engineering, Networking, Programming in C & C++.

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